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Eiffel Group of Companies has been working to carry Innovation to the Real Estate Industry. We are devoted to giving Innovation in the field of real estate in Pakistan. We wish not to let this field fall behind in respect of service.
We are committed to serving you with an unequaled business consultancy and administration so you don’t misunderstand anything. We are dedicated to making the real estate field better and more honorable in Pakistan to perform motivating change patterns of extravagance and style in a similar pack. 

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chairman eiffel group of companies - barrister habib chaudhery

Allow me to accept this open door to present our organization, which is currently one of the biggest real estate company in the city. Prior to numerous years, we began our business, and it was a modest start. In any case, with the significant understanding of my family who saw that there is a land seller, who purchases and sells looking for benefit just, and there is the engineer who contributes, plan and readies the framework, and concoct a completely coordinated undertaking with all the necessary offices, Thus the designer serves the general public, acquire benefit, helps the public economy and adds to the thorough advancement of our darling country.
Beginning with this idea, the organization was set up for making advancements in real estate. In this way, we turned into a guide to be trailed by different organizations. Our tremendous and effective administrations stretched out to cover all pieces of the land. With the beauty of Allah, we got perhaps the biggest organization and market chief.
The achievement that we accomplished and our high standing in the market comes therefore of perseverance and constant endeavors as well as a result of our responsibility, straightforwardness, trustworthiness, and the high morals of the Eiffel family. Further, we center around the top-notch of our ventures to create private and business buildings mirroring the most noteworthy global principles. Our point is to give our clients five-star items to win their fulfillment and to surpass their assumptions and simultaneously, to understand a benefit for our accomplices.

Barrister Habib Chaudhery

Chairman Eiffel Group Of Companies

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank our valuable customers, reliable dealers, world-class trustees, and our employees for being a part of our dream and vision of making Pakistan stand out globally. As a part of the Eiffel group of companies, the basic aim behind our dream, Rozela Heights, is to fulfill the growing demands of all stakeholders and setting a new standard of real estate in Pakistan by giving awareness to our investors.

Utilizing my vast experience. I also look after the legal matters of the company and clients along with managing other important financial matters and I assure you that the legal proceedings will be in favor of our investors. 

I feel honored to be part of the Eiffel Group of Companies and I am looking forward to collaborating with the board of directors in the days ahead with the hope of providing the best services to the people of Pakistan. Last but not the least; I promise a secure investment plan for everyone who is seeking to invest in real estate within Pakistan.

Ali Siddique Ahsan

Managing director/ Legal Advisor

Ali Siddique Ahsan Managing director/ Legal Advisor

At Eiffel Group of Companies, As Marketing Director, and my team, we are focused on giving brands and administrations of extraordinary quality and worth that improve the existences of the area’s shoppers.

The Company remained by the guideline – of meeting its export commitments and set up a reasonable linkage between its administrators and its customers. This conviction has won us the enthusiasm for our directors and the regard and certainty of our customers.
We serve in excess of 5,000 clients going from various urban areas and locales. Each is viewed as an esteemed client and 24 hours conveyance is ensured for most of our clients.
These working years gave us various difficulties. We are no more rivaling not many organizations rather, we are facing worldwide rivalry. We should set out open doors for this business. The quantity of our directors and our customers is on-increment.
Our extraordinary achievement in the new past has been a consequence of our solid

ability base and driving edge measures.
I might want to impart my future vision to you. This organization will be the real estate company in Pakistan and the main illustration of a superior association, a good example for other corporate endeavors in the area.
I compliment the untiring endeavors of my associates who worked overtime with supreme responsibility and constancy. They are the primary drivers behind our prosperity. We all are pleased to be important for the “Eiffel family” and resolve to take the organization to ever-more prominent statures in the years to come.
Notwithstanding a difficult worldwide financial and neighborhood climate, the Eiffel Group of Companies has applied similar norms of value, thoughtfulness regarding administration and detail, and a particular spotlight on conveying to our clients – corporate or shopper.

Mr.Naveed Ashraf

Marketing Director

Our assurance to convey the best quality of administration and development is as similar today as it was at the point at which the organization was established years back. We are amped up for our excursion throughout the next few decades.

Accomplishment in the realm of deals requires diligence, a benefit-driven center, and sharpened relational aptitudes.
We will work harder and efficiently for you to bring innovation with satisfaction because your satisfaction is our perfection.

Rana Maqsood Ahmad

Director Sales

Rana Maqsood Ahmad Director Sales

Eiffel Estate is a high-end real estate brokerage company equipped with professionals that help you to structure your investments in the most profitable way.

Eiffel Marketing is a top leading real estate marketing company that is here for providing sound customers to you through our reliable and experienced real estate agents and sales team

Quality Driven construction company equipped with modern technology and infrastructure. Creating timeliness, budgets and managing the projects is what we do best.

Eiffel Architect is a brand known for their own unique design aesthetic, crafted with luxury. Providing our clients access to a lifestyle that is recognized worldwide.

Mall of Eiffel is Pakistan’s first most featured & Nature-inspired retail and entertainment hub, being built over 12 Kanal having commercial & residential spaces to create exceptional blended retail, dining, entertainment, and residence.

A perfect blend of breathtaking architecture & aviary-themed project, this high-Rise of Ground +14 (commercial + Residential) of indoor and outdoor amenities is creatively conceived to enhance your exceptional lifestyle.

We are bringing over senior experience excusing joint efforts across government, private area and
Global discussions.
We have done numerous ventures the nation over and serving till now to make stunning developments for the individuals who merit this.
We offer need to every single client of our own so they get a solid and positive picture of real estate and get additionally fascinating in it.