Another Travel Advisory Is Issued by The Murree Administrations

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According to news reports published on Thursday Jan6,2022, the Murree administration has issued another travel advisory for the public. They directed them to get weather updates and traffic-related information before planning a trip to the hill station,

The assistant commissioner of Murree Tehsil announced that the new travel advisory has been issued. After recent snowfall that has brought a large number of visitors to the area. To get updates, tourists can contact the following numberseiff




Control room: 051-9269016

Assistant Commissioner’s Office: 0321-3219221

Deputy Superintended of Murree Police: 0321-5615668

Traffic Police Helpline: 051-9269200

Murree Parking Capacity

Further, it was tinted that Murree has a parking capacity of nearly 35,000 vehicles. While over 80,000 vehicles have entered the town in the last two days. The police and administrators at Murree are assisting the visitors and have advised all to keep the low air pressure in vehicles’ tires. And avoid stopping cars in the middle of the road gratuitously. Moreover, the administration has also notified the citizens to follow traffic rules to prevent any untoward incidents. Many deaths have been reported due to high snowfall and the worst weather conditions in Murree.

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