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Choosing real estate companies in Pakistan for a real estate transaction can be difficult. After all, on the shallow at least, most offer similar services and will often present themselves in similar ways. That does not mean that you should go with the first one you find though, as there are plenty of ways that real estate companies in Pakistan can be judged beyond what is on the surface.


Track Record:

The first thing that you should look at when speaking to the real estate companies in Pakistan is their track record. Do they have documented proof that they are able to offer you the real estate services that they claim? Have they dealt with properties similar to the one you’re questioning about? Does the company have any certification or has it won any awards for its standards of service?

All of these are very initial and important questions that can help you separate the wheat from the chaff. Even little signs, such as how many properties the company is presently advertising for the sale, can be a big knob to the quality of their services.



Speaking to a real estate company in Pakistan is one thing. You will simply be getting the information they want to give to you in the way they want to give it. To find a less biased or sales-oriented opinion it is best to hunt for those who have used the company in the past to find out what they think of the services they received.

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools and a huge part of a person’s decision. The real estate companies in Pakistan are unwilling to put you in contact with previous or current clients or are otherwise not able to offer testimonials. They may be worried about the poor word of mouth of their clients, which could help make your decision for you.


Pretend to be a customer:

This tip is especially suitable if you are looking to use the real estate companies in Pakistan to sell a home. Before making contact with them as a potential seller, go into their place as a pretend buyer. Start browsing the properties that they are currently marketing and see how the people in the office respond to you.

What you are looking for here are signs that the company shows a certain level of professionalism or employs sales strategies that you would like to have used on your own property. Much of this will be down to personal preference but it is fairly easy to conclude that any company that doesn’t acknowledge your interest or is so haughty that you feel deterred from a purchase is going to be a bad choice.


Check the Website:

Most real estate companies in Pakistan, even local ones, will have a website that they use to advertise the properties they are offering. Go through their website to get an idea of how they sell a property. What do the photos look like? Is the data presented acceptable? Most importantly, do you think the website is professional enough to attract a buyer?

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