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Much more problematic than changing over English estimations into Urdu ones is the assignment of changing over and knowing the measures of plots in feet, yards, meters, marlas, and Kanals. Generous disarray is added by the shifting use of marlas and Kanals in various urban areas, districts, and territories of Pakistan.

In the event that you are from Lahore, hoping to purchase property in some particular space of Islamabad, odds are high that you might be promptly acquainted with marlas however less with different wordings for sizes. You ask a property specialist at plot costs in E-11, for instance, and he arbitrarily tosses 50*90 at you; it is reasonable for you to feel bewildered briefly. The acknowledgment that he may be discussing feet comes later, lastly, you will acknowledge, he is discussing a 4500 square feet plot, which converts into 500 square yards, which further convert into 20 marlas or 1 Kanal.

Or on the other hand take the case of Quetta, where the most famous term to utilize is yards (or guzz as it is known in Urdu.) However, you will regularly discover individuals rotating there among yards and feet. You will be told the plot size in yards, however, when you ask costs, they will, by and large, be expressed per foot.

Likewise, the supported unit of estimation in Karachi is feet and for the most part, the property sizes will be given in per square foot. Be that as it may, yards are famous there also. To eliminate any disarray that you may have about plot size transformation, here we have every one of the changes which you can use to advantageously change over one unit of estimation into another.

To place it’s anything but an alternate point of view: a marla is 225 square feet or 25 square yards. 5 marlas are equivalent to 1125 square feet and 125 square yards, while 10 marlas are 2250 square feet or 250 square yards.

The specific elements of these plots can contrast fundamentally, contingent upon where the plot is found, and varies from one lodging plan/settlement to another.

For instance, in DHA Lahore a 10-marla plot for the most part has the elements of 35 x 65 feet, similar to the 10-marla plots in Bahria Town Lahore. Converted into size, this adds up to 2275 feet, which further converts into 252 square yards and is somewhat more than the overall 10-marla plots – which have a size of 2250 square feet and 250 square yards individually. The following are the overall elements of plots in DHA Lahore and Bahria Town Lahore.

The plot sizes can contrast much further because of the plot’s area. For instance, Eiffel Group of Companies’ CEO Mr. Habib clarified that at times, especially corner plots can contrast in Bahria Town. The corner plots are for the most part 10-marla or 1-Kanal plots and their measurements can change from 30×65 to 30×70 or 50×90 to 50×95 and such.

While we have given every one of the fluctuating insights regarding how to change over your plots into various sizes. This load of estimations is now given at a similar spot where the costs and plot size are given on property postings. You should simply take your cursor onto the plot size and you will discover its worth in feet, yards, meters, marlas, and Kanals.

In Revenue Record a marla for the farming area is comparable to 272 Square Feet and a kanal to 5440 Sq Ft or to 600 yards. The land is fundamentally agrarian and is along these lines changed over to private or business. It is relevant to specify here that in income records like Field Book, the land estimation is given in karams, 01 Karam is equivalent to 5.5 feet. Every one of the elements of a khasra (review number) is in karams.

According to rules, guidelines, or local laws around arranging the 272 sq ft marla is changed over to a marla of 225 – 250 sq ft relying on the procedure, prerequisite, or practice stylish nearby/territory. So, a 01 Kanal plot may fluctuate from 4500 to 5440 sq ft or 500 to 600 yards. For instance, in Fazaia Housing Scheme, Tarnol one Kanal plot is of 600 yards methods for 5440 sq feet, and of 10 marlas is identical to 300 yards or 2720 sq ft.

In lodging plans typically, sizes are 125 yards (05 marlas), 250 yards (10 marlas), 500 yards (01 Kanal/20 marla), and 1,000 yards (02 Kanal). So, when anybody will buy the land, he should get some information about the size and estimation of the plot. Regularly a yard duplicated by nine will give the sq feet size. For instance, 600 yards size would be equivalent to 5400 sq feet (600×9) and 500 yards size would be equivalent to 4500 sq ft (500×9). As needs are, the sq ft size would be for instance 60’x90’=5400′ so when 5400′ is separated by 09 it would give 600.

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