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eid 2022

Mark the Date

During Ramadan, everyone has a calendar up, therefore it’s easy for them to countdown to Eid. The Eid celebrations usually last for three days, but the parties and festivities could last much longer.


Make a Plan

Have a plan to do some specific Eid-related activities, keeping it relevant for your kids’ ages and interests. Customized products are always a big hit with the children, make arrangements for an amazing gifts for them.

eid 2022

What’s on the Menu?

Spread the cooking out a couple of days earlier and see what you can prep. One plus point Eid al Fitr has been we know exactly when it is going to be once the month has started! Everyone plans on making more of those yummy sweet dishes. You can plan some unique food that most of us do not eat during the month of Ramadan.  

the dining table arrangements must be a thing to focus on. Add some fancy crockery customized cupcake toppers with ‘Eid Mubarak’ to adorn your food items. you can also follow the star and moon theme, by placing food in shapes. Fresh flowers add more beauty to the table, you can also add water bowls with flower petals and candles for a more festive look. 

Get the Kids Involved.

Make Eid al Fitr the best day to enjoy for the kids. Don’t let them get tired of going out to your relatives’ houses, sitting quietly in their new outfits. Get them involved by having them blow up balloons, cut crescent moons, and stars, and hang the decorations around the house. Get streamers, lots of different kinds of colorful food, and invite family and neighbors over. Pass out little children party.


Get out of the House

Eid isn’t an at-home thing. Take the Eid celebration elsewhere to make it more special and unusual! Try to join an entertainment hub where you can have fun for everyone. Eid bowling or Eid go-kart racing are also the best options. End up with a picture you’ve never had before of Eid to catch the beautiful memories.


Customized Eid Gifts

Eid is an occasion for exchanging gifts and wishing through cards. So, do not miss this chance to show the importance of your special ones for you. Order customized Eid gifts if you’re looking for an inexpensive and fascinating way to wish your family & friends.



Family get-together

Eid is the name of togetherness. Volunteering a few hours of your day at a family get-together is the best time to implement the spirit of Eid. Round up friends, family, whoever, and spend some quality time to make the occasion more remarkable.


Interior Decoration

Lights and Lanterns

Eid day must give an Eid day look. Eid is incomplete without decorations.  Lights and Lanterns are the perfect way to liven up your home. There are many ways to lighten your house. You can light in different styles and shapes like scented candles are also the best idea to create the perfect blend of lighting and fragrance.

Stars And Moons

Also, the addition of stars and moon is a must for your Eid decorations as they are very symbolic in Islam. Adorn your walls with strings of gold and silver stars and moons to give the perfect enchanting look to your home.

Balloon and Garlands

As well as use bright multicolored balloons for a livelier look. You can also hang up an ‘Eid Mubarak’ garland which will be a perfect addition to complete the Eid occasion look of the house.


What to wear?

It is common practice for Muslims that Everyone buys new clothes for this special day. It is one of the most deeply-rooted traditions of Eid is shopping. The tradition of wearing new clothes, smelling good, and getting a haircut is passed on from generation to generation. The parents go out with their little ones on shopping sprees in search of decisive Eid clothing.


Eidi is directly connected with children because where children get money from their elder relatives, Eidi can be in form of money or any precious thing. Most people prefer giving eidi in form of cash., but this year you can give something different day they remember, like some amazing customized gifts.



There are other ways to make this Eid a memorable one. Ask family members for new and unique ideas. Don’t spend this day sleeping in, and missing the point of this blessed holiday. A little bit of pre-planning can be the beginning of making this traditional fest worth celebrating. Spend your Eid with your family, and do some amazing activities.

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