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Choosing commercial real estate properties to make investments in Islamabad can be a great idea, especially for those who want stable cash flow and higher wealth appreciation. The Mid Mall is one of the most recent and upgraded developments in Islamabad that offers an unbeatable combination of both residential and retail. Although some investors may fear the uncertainties of booking a retail shop in a new area, trust us, the benefits at The Mid Mall outweigh all the risks. If you are a business-minded person with long-term commercial goals, then here’s why you must definitely consider buying or renting a shop at The Mid Mall:

LOCATION: Located at the prime address of Bahria Town Phase 8, Rawalpindi

STRONG CUSTOMER BASE: Shops within the residential property along with Swiss International Hotel Suites) itself

BUZZING BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT: Surrounded by commercial and residential hubs

STABLE INCOME: With a strong customer base and constant walk-ins

BIG CARPET AREA: More space for successful retail

APPRECIATION OF ASSET VALUE: Higher capital appreciation and ROI in future

A TRUSTED DEVELOPER: A project by Origin Corp, one of the most reliable builders in Mumbai

To help you get a better understanding of the points mentioned above, let us take you through each one in detail:


Bahria Town has grown into one of the fastest-growing real estate markets with a lot of upcoming residential projects in Islamabad. The Mid Mall enjoys great connectivity options in Bahria Town including major highways and Landmarks. It is smoothly connected to all the top housing schemes in Islamabad.

Also, the upcoming ring road will enhance micro-markets. There are also a large number of commercial and business districts, hospitals, temples, and realty projects in the neighborhood.


Your shop will be in the complex of The Mid Mall itself. That means the number of people noticing and enquiring about your retail shops will be high. As The Mid Mall is bringing an international Hotel Chain Brand; Swiss International Hotels & Resort. Therefore, you will enjoy a heavy footfall due to its high demand. Further, The Mid Mall also neighbors many residential and commercial properties. Unlike other upcoming residential properties in Islamabad, the number of customers walking into your retail shops will be on the rise. More customers mean more sales, which means higher turnovers!


 Bahria Town is known for its buzzing business environment. It is a hub of a variety of general stores, market areas, and super malls. With such an encouraging business environment, you will always feel motivated to perform better and attract more clients.


The Mid Mall gives you the opportunity to purchase or give your retail shop on lease. So, you can run the store on your own or also you hand over The Mid Mall store to someone else on lease. In every case, we promise you that you are going to earn regular revenue.

A few later, your shop in The Mid Mall will be worth so much more than the current cost price. Real estate developers say that the advantages of owning a retail shop in the heart of Bahria Town Islamabad are that you will enjoy increased revenue and increased market exposure because of the immediate residential neighborhood. One of its major benefits is, that a large amount of footfall will offer you a ready-made customer base, which can eventually become long-term customers.


A shop with a bigger carpet area in the vicinity of many luxury apartments in Bahria Town Islamabad betters the customer’s shopping experience. It enhances the overall financial performance of the store.


Your shop at The Mid Mall will be your asset whose value is set to only increase over time. It is an investment whose prices will only rise in the marketplace due to its attractive profile. The population of Bahria Town Phase 8 is set to increase because of Phase 8 new development, and with it, the demand and consumption will grow too. That means you are going to have double to triple returns from your investment in the future! The superior infrastructure of The Mid Mall will improve the value of the real estate. The advanced standard of Swiss lifestyle the amenities, and they will reap a high appreciation in a short span of time.


 is a development built by one of the most popular and respectable real estate builders in Islamabad, the Eiffel Group? The residential and commercial structures presented by the brand are of high quality and design that will make the resale value of your shop much higher.

To sum it up, your shop at The Mid Mall will be a positive boon for you and your clientele. It will make you grow within the retail community, will provide you with more personalized customer service, will keep you secure with a stable income, and will make your future bright with high ROI.

A retail shop at The Mid Mall is the smartest investment one can ever make!

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