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Mall of Eiffel – Why Invest Here?

Every new real estate project like mall of eiffel comes with a high potential for investment opportunities, and attractions for the investors every year.

However, many of them generally find themselves confronted with a serious dilemma: should we invest in a new real estate project like Mall of Eiffel? So,Making the right choice is important to get a return on your investment.

For several reasons, Mall of Eiffel brings the best option available to you. Are you wondering why? Here are some good reasons why you should invest in the Mall of Eiffel.

1 Modern amenities and features
2 New Shopping Environment
3 Shopping centre that Meets Your Expectations
4 Tourist Attractions
5 Easy Installments
6 Most Prime Location of Bahria Town Islamabad
6 Mall of Eiffel – A Smart Investment

Mall of Eiffel – Why Invest Here? - Eiffel Group
Modern amenities and features:

Buying shops or apartments in the Mall of Eiffel means being able to benefit from the latest amenities offered to buyers. For instance, the existing shopping malls in Islamabad and Rawalpindi lack those benefits and features of modern living which Mall of Eiffel is offering. Moreover,It is Pakistan’s first aviary theme and most featured mall in the capital city. So,This is why a growing number of investors are interested to invest in this project.

mall of eiffel - why invest here?
Bringing New Shopping Tradition in the Capital City:

Besides, the Mall of Eiffel’s modern architecture and features allow it to stand out among others. Naturally, it is bringing a comfortable environment where shopping takes a pleasant turn. The addition of high-speed Elevators, escalators, Electricity backup, 24/7 security, Air-Conditioned environment, parking is well planned in the project.

As you can already envisage, it all comes with magnificent comfort. Henceforth, If you are likely to enjoy spending your days and nights in an opulent environment, it would be the ideal choice for you.

Property that Meets Your Expectations:

Though, the Mall of Eiffel is new in Islamabad but its developers are not new. Eiffel Group of Company, the developers of this project, cherish an experienced name in the real estate industry.

Moreover, They have a number of mega projects and commercial properties in their portfolio, including Rozela Heights.

Tourist Attractions:

Mall of Eiffel is a unique real estate project in rawalpindi islamabad that is going to have an aviary theme. And Mall of Eiffel also offering world-class cinema, Bowling Alley, Ice-Skating, Helipad, GYM/SPA, Food Court, Kids Play Area, Library, and much more. Further, the presence of the Statue of Liberty and Eden Fountain Lake beside this project. Therefore, It is going to be a tourist attraction and investors can expect a good rental income.

Offers and Easy Installment Plan:

Mall of Eiffel has been launched recently in the new year 2022. Currently, it is running many promotional offers. Hereafter, the most attractive we found as per the client’s prospect is 35,000 – 40,000 monthly rentals over 10lac investment. Its 1-year offer after completing a year the client can get back his/her money or can also reinvest further. If you are considering a real estate investment, then this is the ideal time to invest in the Mall of Eiffel. As the prices are quite reasonable and also you can pay in 4-year easy installments with 25% down payment.

A Smart Investment

Mall of Eiffel is a mixed commercial + residential project that is developed by an experienced developer Eiffel GOC which makes it ideal for investment. It is a multi-purpose addition in the city by Eiffel GOC which makes it ideal for investment.. Again, It is going to be a huge triumph in the near future in the Capital. For more information about this project, visit or call at 0331-1110809

Investment Products



Food Court



1-Bed Apartments

2-Bed Apartments

Hotel Suites



Next, The ground, 1st, and 2nd floors of the Mall of Eiffel offer branded shops. You can purchase shop by just paying a 20% down payment. However, the rest of the amount can be paid in 4-year installments. Also, you can avail discounts and healthy monthly rentals in case of upfront payment.

mall of eiffel - why invest here?

3rd floor of the mall offers wide spaces for food and beverages. Besides, Starting a food business in the heart of Bahria Town will give you a higher footfall of customers. Further, booking a food court space is as easy as booking a shop. In addition, The booking of the food court space starts with 20% down payment and 4-year installments.

mall of eiffel - why invest here?


Besides, The best thing about the Mall of Eiffel is you can even purchase the amenities. The whole of the 4th floor is for top-tier amenities. Amenities in the Mall of Eiffel involve Cinema Spaces, Bowling Zones, Kids’ Play Areas, Ice-Skating spaces, GYM, SPA, and Saloons. You can buy these categorized sections to start your business with a 20% down payment rate.



Executive offices are the pinnacle of corporate chic. With respect to the design, the team Mall of Eiffel put a lot of thought into every single detail. Moreover, the offices are designed on the VIP level on the 5th floor. In addition to this, Comfort and pragmatism are equally prioritized by keeping the working nature and business requirements in mind. Further, These offices can also be purchased by paying 20% on 4-year installments.

mall of eiffel - why invest here?


The luxurious 1-bed apartment is available on the 8th to 12th floor. The size of a 1-bedroom apartment in the Mall of Eiffel is starting from. Though, prices vary as per the sizes. And the payment plan is similar to the above-mentioned inventories.

mall of eiffel - why invest here?


The 2-bedroom apartments at Mall of Eiffel offer a contemporary living experience with open kitchens, wall-mounted bathrooms, and wonderfully planned bedrooms which makes it a perfect place to call home. So, The whole of the 7th floor is dedicated to 2-bedroom apartments.

mall of eiffel - why invest here?


live in style with butler service and views of an exotic foreign city? Hotel Suites in Mall of Eiffel stand above the rest, whether it’s because of the indulgent amenities or the uniqueness of the location. You will get all here. it’s the high-level amenities that set it apart from the rest. Further, these two-bedroom suite offers unparalleled views of Eden Fountain Lake. In simple, these are beyond anything you can imagine.

mall of eiffel - why invest here?


Who are the Developers?

Yet again, Eiffel Group of Companies (Pvt.) Ltd. is the developer, a name that is now synonymous with housing and development in the country. Resulting, The projects they have accomplished over the years speak loud for their professional proficiency, innovative flair, and business truthfulness. Additionally, Eiffel Group of Companies is backed by a team of qualified engineers, architects, consultants, developers, and contractors who, together, have contributed a lot in bringing nationwide appreciation to the company. Lastly, Barrister Habib Chaudhery, Chairman of Eiffel Group of Companies established Eiffel Group of Companies in 2012.

Who are the consultants & sub-consultants of the project?

– EIFFEL Architects (Architect) – Eiffel Land Developers (developers) – Eiffel Estate (Consultants) – Eiffel Marketing (Marketing Partners)

What are the unique selling points of the Units at Mall of Eiffel?

Mall of Eiffel offers Branded Shops, studios, 1-Bed, 2-Bed Apartments, and ultra-luxury Hotel Suites with world-class amenities. As well, The Apartments have spacious Bedrooms, an elegant Dining area, a Living room, a trendy Kitchen, and a wide range of amenities. Also. a beautiful balcony garden with each apartment. Besides, It can give almost 40-50% increase in price in the next two years.

What facilities and amenities are provided at the Mall of Eiffel?
  1. Security Available (24 Hours) and CCTV monitoring. Proper In & Out System for Vehicles. Swimming pools, gym, Spa Saloons, Ice-skating, bowling alleys, kids play area, library, and roof-top amenities. Rooftop walking track, rooftop gym. Fire Fighting & Alarm System. Basement for Parking. Emergency Exit Stairs. Separate Passenger and Cargo Elevators. Generators backup &Internet / Telephone Facilities. Garbage disposal shoot. Restaurants. Local Grocery Shop. And much more.

What will be the parking situation?

2 basements have been allotted for parking purposes.

What will be the maximum number of apartments in all towers?

Approx. 400 Apartments on 9 floors.

Is it a themed-based mall?

Yes, it is an aviary-themed mall project.

What is the legal status of the project property?

The project property is in the name of Barrister Habib Chaudhery (Chairman of Eiffel Group of Companies). And is free from all types of disputes & litigations. Moreover, all the project land is properly walled.

What is the construction period of the project?

48 Months

What is the payment plan for the project

20% down payment with a 4-year installment plan.

What is the exact location of the project?

The project is strategically located in the Lake View Junction Phase 8, Bahria Town Rawalpindi. Near the Statue of Liberty and Eden Fountain Lake.

What support will be provided after the purchase of the apartment?

After-Sales services such as property management, service facility, and market support for resales will be available.

What is the minimum investment in the Mall of Eiffel?

The minimum investment in the Mall of Eiffel starts from  780,000..

Payment Plans for Mall of Eiffel


Mall of Eiffel’s payment plans is planned in such a way that they provide ease for the investors.

Four investment categories are available for investors. That are shops, offices, apartments, and luxury hotel suites. However, the payment plan is flexible. Shops are available at a minimum size of 194 sq. ft. and a maximum size of 2500 sq. ft. The total price of the 194 sq. ft. shop is PKR 7761500/- with a 20% down payment of PKR 1,552,300/-. And, the rest of the amount can be paid in 48 Monthly easy installments.


The next segment of the Mall of Eiffel payment plan is the corporate offices. Besides, They are available at a size of 437 sq. ft with a total price of PKR 10,937,500/- and a 20% down payment of PKR 2,187,500/-. The maximum size of a corporate office in the Mall of Eiffel is 1021 sq. ft.


Though, the apartments vary according to size, design, and floors. There are 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments. And, the minimum size of an apartment is starting from more than 411 square feet with a minimum rate of PKR 3,250,000/- and a 20% down payment of PKR 650000.


The last investment category is ultra-Luxury apartments. The Hotel Suite price per sq. ft is PKR 8,000. Hotel Suites are available at 20%. The minimum size of a hotel suite is 411 sq. ft. with a total price of PKR 3,441,672/- and a down payment of PKR 688,334/-.

Why Invest in Mall of Eiffel Bahria Town

Mall of Eiffel is one of the best trending projects in the real estate of the twin cities. Further, this project has achieved to gain the maximum attention of investors from all across the country.

Bahria Town Rawalpindi


As everyone knows that Bahria Town Rawalpindi has immaculately become a symbol of an elevated lifestyle. It offers the residents a peaceful, high standard, and quality lifestyle.

 Here are the reasons for investing in this gigantic venture in detail.

Mall of Eiffel Features the ideal Location

Most importantly, The project owns the prime location of Bahria Town Rawalpindi. Consequently This strategic location serves as the best advantage for investors. Mall of Eiffel is going to be set in the heart of Bahria Town Phase 8 Rawalpindi. It is strategically located near the statue of liberty and fountain lake. Its location has served to be the driving force behind the large interest of the investors in this project.

Future Growth


As well as the project is expected to gain higher return growth in the future due to its location and features. Furthermore, the Mall of Eiffel claims to be the most featured, first aviary theme mall in Pakistan. So, the potential that this project takes is pretty solid.


The mall of Eiffel is a golden opportunity for investors to seize money-making investment opportunities. Soon its growth rate will be unexpected. The main thing which makes it iconic is of course its location and features. Therefore, the answer to this very asked question “Would investing in the Mall of Eiffel be worth it?” is yes!

How to invest in the Mall of Eiffel?


You will not find an easier booking process than it is in the Mall of Eiffel. You just need to visit any of our branches. Either in Lahore, Islamabad, or Rawalpindi, our expert team will brief you on the whole project. You can also contact us through the website or call. And leave the rest to the concerned department. They will aid you through your beautiful journey of booking your space in the Mall of Eiffel.

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